Sunday, July 8, 2012

Next Stop Hogwarts!!

I know, I know!! It's been way too long. I guess you can say I am terrible at this blogging thing. But I have been super busy with our Xander's World shop an creating some new cool shirts that you won't see anywhere else. I also want to give a go at this Pinterest thing. Since, you know I love telling you all about the cool things I find, this awesome site does that times 100!! So I am starting my first "official" board. Knowing me is knowing I AM A POTTER FREAK!! In my house, we have Harry Potter on at least once a day if not a whole marathon. So here we go enjoy my Potter board. Follow me on Pinterest by click on the link to the right ;o) Shirt photo courtesy of Xander's World Tumbler courtesy of Abby Bear Boutique