Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Mario Riding Yoshi

Yes, it's impossible for me to do anything without driving myself crazy. Even with Xander's Halloween costume. He was happy with being "just Toad". In fact, that's all he kept saying to me BUT being me was not going to be happy with "just Toad". I wanted Mario riding Yoshi. Not just Yoshi. Not just Mario. Mario Riding Yoshi!! So I set off to find a tutorial or anything to give me some idea how I was going to accomplish this crazy over the top task. I scoured the internet and didn't find much of anything but images of other awesome DIY Craft Gods homemade creations. Errrrr, I love to craft but I am no sewing goddess. So here is my attempt at Mario Riding Yoshi. Thanks to some felt, a red sweatshirt and dinosaur costume I frankensteined up into Yoshi my kid will have the coolest Halloween costume ever....
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